Valentina Giorgi is the founder and fashion designer of the brand bearing her name.

Her passion for fashion, in particular for accessories, brought her to the creation of Rêve in 2011: her first exclusive women’s bags collection. This collection soon established itself at national and international level and today, her products can be found in selected shops in Italy, Europe and Asia Minor.

Following Rêve success, Valentina Giorgi decides to enter the fashion industry with her name, putting herself on the line. In addition to this e-commerce site, Valentina has got two single-brand shops where she can strengthen her contact with her customers. This young fashion designer finds her inspiration in daily life, collecting emotions and experiences that can influence her aesthetic sense.

Valentina Giorgi’s style is well appreciated not only by her customers, but also by the fashion world. The most important Italian fashion magazines – such as Vogue Accessory – have shown their interest in her bags and, through the participation at national and international fairs (among which Who’s Next in Paris and White in Milan) the brand has been further strengthened.

All bags by Valentina Giorgi show a design able to combine Made in Italy sartorial skills with daily convenience.

Design, a touch of Italy, uniqueness and style are the key values inspiring the brand. Each bag and accessories’ materials are exclusively Made in Italy and of absolute prestige.

To Valentina Giorgi, believing in opportunities and in Made in Italy quality means producing in Italy: all collections are created in studios where care and attention to production are guaranteed. The result is a sartorial work that makes every single bag and accessories a jewel itself. However, the real uniqueness comes from customization: every product is numbered, signed by the person who makes the finishings and sold in an exclusive packaging.

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