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Valentina Giorgi

Looking after your products

Looking after your products
1 - GLITTER GROSSO fabric: Glitter grosso is rough to the touch because it has glitter attached to it. This makes it ultra-shiny because it reflects a great deal of light but some glitter may fall off on contact. This is not a defect but a characteristic of the fabric itself. Clean it with a cotton cloth and water. 2 - GLITTER SOTTILE fabric: Clean glitter sottile with a cotton cloth and water, too. 3 – IMITATION LEATHER: Imitation leather can be cleaned with cotton wool moistened with cleansing milk or water and Marseille soap. Be careful with pale coloured imitation leather as if it is kept repeatedly in contact with dark clothing it may pick up this colour and get stained with it. 4- How should a VG creation be stored and conserved? Fill your VG creation with the paper it arrived in and put it back in its dust bag. 5 – The tassels of my VG have creased. What can I do? Wrap your VG in cling film, taking care that all the tassels are straight. This will get your VG back in shape! Watch the YouTube video ‘How to clean and store my VG’